Hong Kong: An evening walk and a little drama

by Sanne
Hong Kong Blog

Hong Kong’s skyline must be among the most beautiful in the world, and during our stay here, we’ve spent a lot of time down by the water. One evening, we went for an evening stroll on the Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade, when a mentally ill man came up to us. He started shouting in a mix of Arabic and English, claiming that I was his girlfriend and Poul had stolen me away from him. 

The guy wasn’t violent, but very upset, and he was blocking our way. Every time we tried to walk away, he followed us while shouting declarations of love at me and offensive phrases at Poul. All the time, two security guards from the nearby Harbour City shopping mall were watching what was going on from a safe distance, but without interfering.

After a while, Poul got a bit annoyed listening to the man’s yelling, and told the security guards to do their job and take care of the man, who was obvious in need of some kind of professional help. We could see they were busy communicating through their walkie-talkies and earpieces, but they didn’t dare to approach the man before reinforcements turned up a couple of minutes later.

Afterwards the security staff came to us and apologized for the incident, but we weren’t impressed by their poor performance. What if that guy had a knife? Would they still just be observing the situation from a distance, leaving it up to Poul and I to fight him off?

The rest of the evening passed without any further drama, and we took a lot of nice pictures of the tall buildings before heading down to a café nearby our hotel, for some late-night Häagen-Dazs.

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