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JLT: Saigon – Taste of Vietnam

by Sanne
Saigon, taste of Vietnam, JLT, Dubai Blog

It was a while ago that I first heard of Saigon, which is a new Vietnamese restaurant in JLT. Though the location is right where Vietnamese Foodies is located, so it took a while before I understood that Saigon was not part of Vietnamese Foodies, but a separate restaurant that just happen to be located right above Vietnamese Foodies.

I love Vietnamese Foodies, and I am forever grateful for finally having a good Vietnamese restaurant within walking distance. I therefore almost felt like a traitor, when I was sneaking up to Saigon instead the other day. Saigon opened some 8 months ago, and most people I know who has been there love the place, so my expectations were high, as I sat down at the table for lunch the other day.

A young guy gave me the menu and after I had been browsing for a while he came over and asked if he could help. I said that I was thinking about ordering two small soups, (they come in two sizes; “I’m tasting” and “regular”). He warned me that two of the tasting sizes would be too much for me, and suggested that I had an appetizer instead, so I settled for the Bún Cá (Vietnamese fish vermicelli) and some fresh spring rolls. The “I’m tasting” size turned out to be what I would consider main course size, and the Bún Cá was delicious. It is a new item on their menu, but I hope it is here to stay, as it was delicious. I also hope that both Vietnamese Foodies and Saigon are here to stay too, as both restaurants are very good. If forced to choose, I think I like Saigon just a tiny bit more, but that is solely based on that amazing Bún Cá.

Saigon – Taste of Vietnam, Lake Terrace Tower (Balcony Level), Cluster D, JLT, Dubai

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