Kibsons – Online grocery shopping in Dubai

by Sanne

When we decided to start eating more vegetables and less meat, we also started doing our grocery shopping at Kibsons, because they have a really good selection of vegan and vegetarian products. The goods are delivered in big cardboard boxes that you can return to the delivery guy on the next order so they can be properly recycled.

I have also tried some of Kibsons’ meal kits, but except for the gazpacho, they have been rather disappointing. Many of the recipes take a very long time to cook, and they do not seem thoroughly tested with regards to quantities and nutritional value. The worst one I’ve tried so far was the avocado soup, which had the texture of a very compact guacamole. You were supposed to eat it with smoked mackerel on top, but it was such a heavy dish, I gave up after a few mouthfuls. Instead we used it as sandwich spread for lunch the following day.

Anyway, I am big fan of Kibsons and the whole concept of getting my groceries delivered to my doorstep. Though after I started the meal plan service from Soul Santé I mostly use Kibsons to buy fruit and vegetables to snack on during the day, because the fruit and vegetables from Kibsons are really good and less expensive than at Waitrose. I have also developed some kind of addiction to the Coco Yogo cashew cream cheese with chives that they sell. I tried in December, when it was on sale, and now I cannot live without it. It is 27AED for a really small jar, so it’s an expensive thing to be addicted to:)

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