Kung is King – Korean Restaurant – Dubai

by Sanne
Kung, Korean restaurant in Dubai

Korean food is known to be very spicy and at times, also very smelly. Even a strong stomach would probably require a little adaptation to be able to digest the considerable quantities of fermented and pickled vegetables the ordinary Korean easily gulps down during an ordinary dinner.

Though, once you, like me, get hooked, there’s no turning back and you’re in for a life-long addiction.

Yesterday I therefore met up with Pia and another friend at the Korean restaurant Kung in Byblos, TECOM.

We ordered 3 dishes to share: a soup tang, a Korean pancake with seafood hamool pajeon and dolsot bibimbap (rice, beef and vegetables served in a smoking hot stone bowl with a raw egg yolk on top).

Especially the soup was really good. It had a wonderful, rich, but not too spicy taste and big chunks of tofu, seafood and other nice things made it a very filling yet tasty dish.

In Korea, the chopsticks are thin, flat and made of stainless steel and that was also the case at Kung. I have started to suspect that those steel chopsticks have been invented with the sole purpose of easily spotting non-Koreans: They are so difficult to use!

Luckily, there’s always a spoon on the side, so steel chopstick-illiterates like me have other means to make the food reach the mouth.

Kung is exactly like a Korean restaurant is supposed to be: A little tacky, with bamboo decorations, karaoke rooms and bright light from the ceiling, and of course lots of mainly male guests, who got louder and louder, the more beer and soju that arrived at their table.

The food at Kung was really good and the small banchan bowls with kimchi and other traditional goodies were constantly replenished at no extra charge (just like in Korea) and as you’ve probably already guessed, I really liked the place. Whenever my kimchi cravings re-appear, you can therefore be sure to find me at Kung.

Read about another day I had dinner at Kung with Trine and Pia

Kung, Byblos Hotel, TECOM, Dubai, Tel: +971 (0)4327966, Hours: All days: 9am-2:0am

> Visit Kung’s website

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