LA: Leaving Las Vegas and checking in at Budget Inn

by Sanne
Budget Inn, Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles

Monday, it was time to leave Sin City behind and drive off to Los Angeles. We had rented a nice blue Ford Focus, which was the smallest car at Dollar, but it was only $200 a week, so we were happy. We left Las Vegas at noon and after a 5-hour drive we could finally park the car in front of Budget Inn on Sunset Blvd.

A sign outside proclaimed that the premises had “armed patrol” and the entrance looked a bit worn, put mildly. Our room has a window, but it is facing the wall of another building, so there isn’t much of a view. Though we were pleasantly surprised by the room itself, which was nice and clean with a functioning a/c. There is also a fridge, so after resting for a while, we went for a walk down to Ralphs, to buy water, sodas and snacks. We have breakfast included in our stay, but it is standard cellophane motel breakfast, so I think we will need to do another round at Ralphs and buy some yogurt and granola.

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