Las Vegas: Looking for Travelodge

by Sanne
Travelodge The Strip, Las Vegas

Our plans to go out and party all night were severely sabotaged by a number of circumstances. First the taxi driver took us to the wrong hotel (apparently there are two Travelodge hotels in Las Vegas, approximately 2 km apart). We then took another taxi heading for the right Travelodge, but the Strip was packed and we did not move more than a few centimeters per hour, so we asked him to let us off at New York New York instead. Then we got lost and ended up at the wrong Travelodge again!

Now we got a more detailed description of where the right Travelodge was located, and equipped with hand-drawn map we marched off again.
We arrived by plane at 09:45pm and arrived at the right Travelodge at midnight with sore feet and empty stomachs, so after careful consideration we decided to quit the partying and devote the rest of the evening/night to relax and eat junk food from 7Eleven, located right around the corner, instead.

Travelodge turned out to be quite ok. It is more like a motel than a hotel but with nice facilities such as free wi-fi, water boiler and free coffee in the room and a pool (about the size of a postage stamp). The bathroom and the toilet are kept in a horrific shade of pink and there are some strange spots in odd places, but otherwise the room is nice and clean. There is also complimentary continental breakfast, so when Trine wakes up, we will try to find out where it is. Best of all;the hotel is located right on the Strip. Monday is Memorial Day and that means that hotel prices this weekend has sky-rocketed, so we were lucky to find something fairly affordable.

As the timestamp for this post indicates, I still suffer from jetlag, but I hope that I will get along with my limited amounts of sleep as long as I combine it with a power nap in the afternoon. It is Trine’s birthday today, so it will probably be a late night tonight. Over and out!

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