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Las Vegas: Thunder From Down Under

by Sanne
Thunder From Down Under, Las Vegas

You haven’t really been to Las Vegas unless you visit a strip club. However, strip clubs with male performers are a little sparse, and I’m not really into staring at naked ladies, so it was either Chippendales at Rio or Thunder From Down Under at Excalibur. Confession: I’ve been to both. Here’s my story about when my sister and I went to watch Thunder From Down Under.

Neither Trine nor I had been to a male strip show before, so we were a bit lost when having to decide which one to watch, but we ended up picking Thunder From Down Under because of the incredibly tacky name.

The showroom at the Excalibur was completely full already half an hour before the show started. Our fellow spectators were women of all ages and shapes, and the majority had definitely had their share of margaritas before coming to the show. As the Australians entered the stage, the roof almost blew off and people started screaming, shouting and hammering the tables.

It soon became obvious that your chances of getting dragged upon the stage for some one-on-one action with the guys were drastically increased, if you were a bride-to-be on your hen night. This fact made the girl sitting next to us to place a napkin in her hair, pretending it was a veil. How desperate can you get??

During the show, the 6 guys were singing and dancing their way through different musical genres revealing different levels of dancing skills and sense of rhythm. It was fun to watch, but we would probably have enjoyed the show even more, if we’d had a cocktail or five before the show.

Because, let’s face it, they’re just guys dancing around. They weren’t even naked. Though I’m actually happy they kept some of their clothes on, as I’m not really sure I would be able to see the fun in penises dangling around with boy band music playing in the background.

The evening’s highlight was at the beginning of the show as one of the strippers, at the end of a very advanced dance session, was spinning around and then fell down on his knees in front of what turned out to be the only male spectator at the show … Oops! Not sure it was planned (but really cool if it was!)

Afterwards you could line up to have your picture taken with the entire group of oil-smeared Aussie hunks, but we felt that we’d had our share of waxed chests and leather pants for the evening and hurried back to New York New York instead for a late-night snack at Sirrico’s Pizza.

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Thunder from down under, The Excalibur, Las Vegas

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