Los Angeles: A day in Koreatown

by Sanne
Koreatown, Los Angeles

Trine and I love Korean food, so when we travel together, we always look for Korean restaurants or, even better, Korean neighborhoods or so-called Koreatowns. Koreatown in Los Angeles is really big. In fact I think it’s one of the biggest K-Towns in the world? In the area, you’ll find a wide range of Korean banks, restaurants and shopping plazas.

Unlike Chinatown, you will not see any traditional Korean buildings or decoration, so you don’t  really go here for sightseeing, but all signs are in Korean, and you’ll be hearing more Korean than English in the streets.  In the grocery stores, you can buy everything you need for your Korean kitchen adventures, and the Korean restaurants in the area are really nice.

We went to one of the  shopping plazas, and just like in Korea, it had a food court floor with lots of inexpensive Korean restaurants. We ordered food from two different eateries and had a really nice lunch consisting of Bulgogi, beef barbecue with a special sauce, and naeng-myun which is cold noodles in a super delicious iced broth.

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