Los Angeles Blog: Trine’s celebrity tour

by Sanne
Beverly Hills, Los Angeles

My sister Trine is very well versed in all sorts of gossip concerning A, B and C-list celebrities, and our little excursion around the neighborhood today resulted in several enlightened moments. She found the salon owned by Jessica Simpson’s hair stylist, the place where they eat sushi in The Hills and a lot of other places which certainly would have been mentioned if OK! Magazine was ever to publish a travel guide.

I am most impressed with how she manages to keep track of so many details. Trine is not only fully updated with who is dating who, but also all ex-girlfriends and ex-girlfriends’ ex-girlfriends!

The source of her knowledge is an endless stream of gossip magazines which she devours raw along with her new favorite snack, Beef Jerky. It was in one of these magazines she discovered that yesterday’ vampire-guy was indeed no less than Alexander Skarsgård, the Swedish actor known from a soap I watched when I was a teenager….huge!

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