Los Angeles: Chinatown and Thien Huong

by Sanne
Chinatown, Los Angeles

In Los Angeles we also spent a day in Chinatown. We found a market-style shopping mall selling everything from fake designer bags to wedding dresses, and we went to a supermarket, where they were selling pig snouts and chicken feet.  And it wasn’t just to scare the tourists, a lot of people actually go there to buy their dinner ingredients. 

Talking about tourists, Chinatown wasn’t very busy, when we were visiting, and we didn’t see many tourists there, but it was I nice area to wander around in.

There are plenty of Chinese restaurants in the area, but when we came across a Vietnamese restaurant, Thien Huong, inside one of the shopping plazas, I suggested that we went for a bowl of pho (Vietnamese soup). Trine had never tried pho before, so I told her how to add lime, bean sprouts and fresh herbs, and she absolutely loved it!  Thien Huong seemed like a very casual place, but at lunch time, the line outside grew very long. Luckily, we had already ordered our fresh spring rolls and pho soup by then. The food was really nice, and the lunch turned out to be one of the best and cheapest meals on this trip.

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