Los Angeles: Fashionphile – Pre-owned designer bags in Beverly Hills

by Sanne
Fashionphile, Beverly Hils, Los Angeles

Did I tell you about Fashionphile? It’s a shop selling pre-owned designer bags, right around the corner from Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. It’s the largest store in USA specializing in this kind of business, and they only carry luxury brands. 

At Fashionphile they have two authenticators to verify the authenticity of the items, and they have a lifetime 100% money back guarantee, should it be that the bag turns out to be a fake anyway. Compared to other vintage/pre-owned stores, Fashionphile is pricey, but I guess that kind of service justifies a premium price. While the store isn’t a place to go bargain hunting, you would probably want to check out Fashionphile if you have decided to splurge on a designer bag. They might have the item in stock, and it will be cheaper than buying a brand new bag. Everything I have seen on the shelves at Fashionphile has been in excellent condition and in addition to handbags, they also sell shoes, wallets and accessories. You can see what is currently in store on their website.

2017 update: When I’ve visited Fashionphile before, it was possible to walk right in from the street (you would just ring the doorbell and they would let you in), though I just read on their website that they actually prefer people to call and make an appointment in advance.  

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Fashionphile, 9551 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles

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