Los Angeles: A shopping trip to Desert Hills Premium Outlets

by Sanne
Desert Hills Premium Outlets

One of the things I love about USA are the huge outlet malls. They are typically located a bit outside the major cities, but the bargains they offer makes it all worth the drive. Though it’s a good idea to check in advance which labels they keep, as it’s not a lot of fun to drive for hours, only to find out that the outlet mall you’re visiting primarily targets old people and that the most exciting you’ll encounter is a half-empty Levi’s store.

Premium Outlets is a chain of outlet malls across the U.S. and it’s usually a safe bet. They have most of the biggest brands, and the mall layout is really nice (feels like an ordinary mall). The Premium Outlets might not be the cheapest, but there are bargains to bag, especially  for the American brands.  One of the days in LA, Trine and I drove off to Desert Hills Premium Outlet, just outside of Palm Springs. It was only a 1.5 hour drive on hour way out, but on our way home, we hit rush hour traffic, so it almost took us 3 hours to get back to Hollywood.

I’m still happy that we went, because a lot of the stores had special sales that day. Trine found 3 dresses from Hugo Boss and a short jacket for $ 250 and I was tempted to buy a pair Jimmy Choo shoes for $ 250, but I decided not to. Instead I bought a lot of clothes for Poul at Kenneth Cole.

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Desert Hills Premium Outlets, 48400 Seminole Dr, Cabazon

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