Los Angeles: Venice Beach and June Gloom

by Sanne
Venice Beach, Los Angeles

The times I’ve been to LA I have tried to reserve at least one day for beach life. LA has the most amazing, never-ending beaches, and one of the most famous ones is Venice Beach, where tourists and locals flock along the Venice Beach Boardwalk, which runs parallel to the beach.

Right next to Venice Beach is Santa Monica Beach, which seems more laidback than Venice Beach. Most of the action is around the pier, which hosts a wide range of restaurants and a Ferris wheel.

When Trine and I were visiting LA in June last year, it was really foggy along the coastline most of the days we were there. Apparently, this phenomenon is quite common in the early summer months, and is referred to as ‘June gloom’ by the locals. Our beach trip suddenly did not feel that Baywatch-glamorous as it was intended to be, but luckily, there were lots of other things to do in LA.

When we are visiting again in September this year, I hope the weather is nicer, since I have planned to visit Malibu Beach, which I have never visited before, except for a short stop back in 2008. I am also quite sure that some of the trip’s reality-TV addicts (Trine) would want to visit Laguna Beach down south, so time will show if one day on the beach is enough.

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Another nice beach in LA is Manhattan Beach, which is less touristy and with a more local vibe.

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