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by Sanne
Omnia Blue, Dubai Restaurant

Update: Omnia Blue is now closed

Once a week a lady comes and cleans out place in Dubai. Poul and I don’t like to be at home, when she’s there, because we don’t want her to feel that we’re watching over her, so we usually drive off for lunch or grocery shopping.

I’ve been curious about Silvena Rowe’s restaurants ever since I had a taste of her delicious raw raspberry cheesecake at the BBC Good Food Show in Dubai last year, so Poul and I decided to check out her Omnia Gourmet restaurant at Jumeriah Fishing Harbour. When we arrived, we found the light blue colors in the sister restaurant Omnia Blue more tempting, so we asked for a table there instead. The two restaurants are located right next to each other, and I remembered reading that you can order from both menus in the restaurants. The menus we were handed both said “Omnia Gourmet” so I’m not sure whether there’s actually a separate Omnia Blue menu or not?

Except for Poul and I, the restaurant was completely empty, but I was happy to see that it didn’t affect neither the food, nor the service. I really don’t like when you’re dining in an empty restaurant and every single staff member are circling around your table like vultures around a dead body, ready to grab your plate the very minute you put down your fork and knife. At Omnia Blue, there was just one guy serving us, and he had the admirable ability to disappear, when we didn’t need him, so we never felt uncomfortable or watched over.

Poul had the locally farmed grilled chicken kofta (meatballs) with red harissa (Middle Eastern chili pepper paste) and sweet potato mash, which was juicy and delicious. I had the Emirati Lobster Slider, which was tiny and only meant as an appetizer, but I wanted to make sure that I had enough space for dessert.  Silvena Rowe is famous for her sugar free raw desserts, and I thought I had ordered the raw raspberry cheesecake I’ve dreamt of ever since I tasted it at the BBC Good Food Show last year. Turned out the cheesecake I had ordered was the baked raspberry cheesecake, which was sugar free and gluten free, but not dairy free. It was very tasty though, so no regrets.

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