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Rembrandt Serviced Apartments in Bangkok

Post from my old blog about a Bangkok trip in 2013

In Bangkok I stayed at Rembrandt Towers Serviced Apartments (not to be confused with Rembrandt Hotel next door). A former colleague of mine had recommended the place and I was really excited to see, how it was. Unfortunately, the first impression was rather disappointing since the front desk chose to give me a room just below a floor, where some serious and very noisy renovation was taking place.


You cannot say no to rainbow-colored cheese right? So when I saw Say Chiizu on Siam Square, I just had to stop and get their Unicorn Fruit Toast.

In the commercial, which is running on the screen in the shop, you can see how a woman stretches the cheese longer and longer, and it was impossible to stop watching, ha ha. What a fascinating sight! No doubt, I had to get my own elastic cheese sandwich.

Bangkok airport hotels

I only rarely stay at the airport hotels in Bangkok, as I prefer to stay in the city even if it is only for a short layover. If you have more than 20 hours in Bangkok, you are much better off staying in the city center, because even a few hours would allow you to sample some delicious Thai food, get a massage and do some shopping. If you land at night, the taxi ride to the central areas in Bangkok does not take long, and if you arrive during daytime, you can take the airport train and be in central Bangkok in less than an hour.

Fire Tiger Milk at Seoulcial Club, Siam Square in Bangkok

In most Asian countries, bubble tea is still a big thing, and you can get all sorts of delicious versions and flavors. The latest trend is brown sugar boba, which I tried at KOI a couple of weeks ago, but which is available at most of the trendier boba shops. The brown sugar syrup gives the drink a rounder, fudge-like flavor that I really like.

Afternoon Tea at the Authors' Lounge, Mandarin Oriental Bangkok

Afternoon Tea at the Authors’ Lounge at Mandarin Oriental is one of the things you have to try, if you are visiting Bangkok. Leave your backpack and flipflops at home (there’s a rather strict dress code) and head down to Chao Phraya River for a glimpse and a taste of what Bangkok was like in a time long gone.

Khao Tom, rice soup, Charoen Krung Road, Bangkok

I arrived in Bangkok rather late, and before I got to the city and checked in at the hotel, it was way past dinner time. My hotel was on a quiet stretch of Charoen Krung Road without a lot of restaurants in sight, so for a short moment I wondered whether I would have to go to bed hungry.  But the I found a tiny place, where a man was serving soup from a giant pot.