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Vegetable soup, plant-based lunch

One of the days, I met with J for another Barre Fitness class at StudioRepublik. We were only three persons attending the class that day, so there was no way to hide from the instructor, or take unscheduled water break, and I was completely exhausted when the class was finally over. After the workout, J had invited me for Prosecco and plant-based lunch at her place, which was what got me through the barre class:)

Dubai Opera

Today, I was invited to Dubai Opera to see the Formidable! Aznavour show. The show is a tribute to the legendary French-Armenian singer Charles Aznavour, who sold more than 180 million records during his lifetime. A very impressive number, even after today’s Streaming Age measures. His love songs probably are the most famous, counting classics such as She, but you probably also recognize the hook from Parce que tu crois, which has been sampled in Dr Dre’s What’s the difference and Blu Cantrell’s Breathe.

What to think of when visiting your friend abroad?

The cool season is finally here and once again the streets are full of people. This is also the time of the year that those of us living down here receive most visitors from home. While I’m grateful and happy that friends want to travel all the way to visit us here in the desert, I’ve also learned a lesson or two through the years.


Wednesday, I was invited to an event at Eeten which is a new cafe in Dubai Marina Mall. At the event, we could try different dishes from the menu, so Mille (from Madmille.dk) and I shared a starter of avocado hummus, and then Mille had the shrimp and avo salad, and I had the Mr Benedict, which is the Eeten version of Eggs Benedict with salmon.


When we decided to start eating more vegetables and less meat, we also started doing our grocery shopping at Kibsons, because they have a really good selection of vegan and vegetarian products. The goods are delivered in big cardboard boxes that you can return to the delivery guy on the next order so they can be properly recycled.


So I signed up for the meal plan at Soul Santé, and every day at 9am, a guy comes by with the three vegan meals for the day. During the week I would usually just eat yogurt and granola for breakfast, but with the meal plan I get all sorts of nice breakfast dishes that I would never bother to cook myself, such as the super-delicious pancakes with banana and coconut that I had on the first day. This morning I had avocado toast, and for lunch I ate one of the jackfruit tacos (the same kind of tacos that I had last week in the restaurant) and half of the grilled peach salad and saved the other half for dinner tonight.

StudioRepublik Dubai

Last Wednesday, I was invited to the opening event at StudioRepublik, which is a new gym in Dubai. As a matter of fact, calling in a gym would be quite an understatement, as the multi-storey monster of a gym also has a music recording studio, as well as several stages where budding actors and artists can show off their talents. You can also take dancing, singing and acting classes, which I think is really cool.

Skyland, Stella Di Mare, Dubai Marina

J and I live in the same building but for some reason we haven’t seen each other for more than two months. Not ok! So tonight, we decided to go out for a drinks, no excuses, no change of plans. J had heard about a rooftop bar at Millennium Place and I knew which one she was talking about, as I had been to the opening party of Millennium Place last year.


Today I had lunch at Soul Santé, which is a vegan cafe that showed up on GoogleMaps, when I was searching for vegetarian food in Dubai Marina. The café is just a short walk from where I live, so all the time I was bitching about how Dubai is lacking pure vegetarian restaurants, there was a vegan restaurant just around the corner:)