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Dubai: Mythos – Excellent Greek restaurant in JLT

Mythos, Greek restaurant in Dubai

Thursday night’s dinner at Mythos was great. Summer is just around the corner, and it’s starting to get really hot even in the evening, but Greek food just tastes better outside, so we opted for a patio table. We were 5 girls out and all the other girls were from Sweden.

I used to live in Sweden for 5 years myself, so I grabbed the opportunity to speak some Swedish again. Danish and Swedish look very similar on paper, but the spoken versions of the two languages are very different. While my written Swedish is still ok, my spoken Swedish has deteriorated a lot, but after a bottle of Greek wine, we all understood each other perfectly.

We had a selection of starters to share, and then each our main course. Some of the other girls had never tasted taramosalata (Greek dip with roe) before, but they liked it a lot. I joked that it was because they were Swedish and the taramosalata is in fact like a deluxe version of the (in)famous Kalles Kaviar, which is a fish roe spread the Swedes eat on top of everything.

My main course was pork souvlaki, which was nicely seasoned, but a bit dry. It didn’t matter much though, as I had eaten so much of the starters that I wasn’t able to finish the main course anyway.

There are many reasons to fall in love with Mythos. The food is nice, the settings are adorable and the staff is friendly and accommodating. For our starters, mains and wine, we only paid 200 AED per person, including a quite generous tip making it one of the cheapest meals with wine I’ve ever had in Dubai.

Mythos is a wonderful, authentic Greek restaurant in JLT. Here are all the dishes I remember from Greece, and they’re both tasty and affordable with most mains costing less than 100AED and most meze (small dishes) less than 50AED.

Mythos has a nice outdoor seating area, which is where you’d want to be, when the weather allows. A wooden wall obstructs the view from the lake promenade into the restaurant, and because of this feature, Mythos are one of the few places in the city, where you can enjoy a glass of wine, while dining under the open sky.

The portions are rather small, so I would say you’ll need 2 mezes and one main course per person for a full dinner. Personally I prefer skipping the main course, and have a bunch of different mezes instead. Remember to order a serving of hot, straight-from-the-oven, pita bread. You’ll be needing it to scoop up the tzatziki and taramasalata. The Greek salad is very delicious too, and shouldn’t be missed.

Mythos is just halfway between Damac and JLT metro station. It’s not a very far walk from any of the stations as long as you walk along the street running parallel to Sheikh Zayed Road, but if you’re wearing heels I would suggest that you take a cab.

It can be a bit tricky to get to Mythos, and you can’t enter from the lake side. You have to go through the main entrance of Armada Hotel and take the elevator down to B1. From the elevator, Mythos is easy to find as there are signage and sometimes even a staff member to guide you in the right direction. Once again, remember to ask for a table outside.

What to order? Tzatziki, saganaki, taramosalata, pita bread, Greek salad.

When to go? Thursday night,Friday night.

Expect to spend around 200AED on dinner and a glass of wine.

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Mythos, Armada BlueBay Hotel B1, Cluster P, JLT Dubai
>Visit Mythos’ website

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