New Year’s Eve in Dubai Marina – Danish Kransekage

by Sanne
Danish kransekage, New Year's Eve

Poul and I were invited to a New Year’s Eve party at a friend’s place in our building, and I had promised to make Danish kransekage (marzipan cake) because in Denmark, this is what we eat, when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve. And how hard could it be?

A little harder than I expected, because I could only find marzipan with 20% almonds or less, and when I test-baked a piece, it just melted into what looked like a giant cookie. I therefore went out and bought a big bag of almond flour to mix into the marzipan dough, and then it worked. Phew! My kransekage might not win any beauty pageants, but at 12 o clock, nobody cares about looks anyway.

We had promised to stop by a couple of Poul’s friends from the Faroe Islands, who also live in the same building as we do, so after dropping off the kransekage at the first party, we went over to the Faroese to say hi. Time flies when you’re in good company (and there’s Campari and Christmas candy on the table) and before we knew, it was 11pm and we had to hurry back to the other party. Though having two NYE parties in the same building was really convenient. Instead of getting stuck in SZR traffic, we just pushed the elevator button to move between the parties.

At midnight, we were drinking French champagne, eating Danish kransekage and wishing our international friends a happy new year in English. Well, that’s Dubai:)

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