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NYC: Emergency Shopping in Century 21

Century 21, New York

Due to a misunderstanding (I thought Poul brought the suitcase, he though I brought it), Poul came to New York without any other clothes than what he was traveling in. He had a flight just before we left for the States, and while I thought he had brought his bag with him, he thought I had told him I would bring it. After arriving in New York, we therefore went straight from the hotel and down to Century 21 to do some emergency shopping.

Century 21 is a huge outlet mall in Financial District, right across the street from Freedom Tower. For first-timers it’s an overwhelming experience, and it’s always packed with bargain-hunting tourists, but if you take your time and look carefully, there are some real bargains to be had. Just steer clear of their European Designer section, because it’s really expensive, and if you’re from Europe, you’ll probably find it cheaper at home.

The American brands and the less known designers are always a good deal, and we got lots of plain white T-shirts, socks and shirts for Poul. I was looking for sunglasses, but I didn’t find anything this time. In the basement, there’s a really nice selection of kitchenware and luggage, but we couldn’t carry anymore, so we went back home and decided to go back for another round later.

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