New York City: Picnic in Central Park

by Sanne
Central Park, New York

When Poul and I were in New York City, we were really lucky with the weather, so one of the days, we went for a picnic in Central Park. There’s a Whole Foods at Columbus Circle, right at one of the southern entrances to the park, so this was where we went to get our picnic supplies. 

Whole Foods is such a nice chain, and their deli section is gigantic. I don’t know what happened, because even at Whole Foods, I tend to gravitate towards the more calorie rich options, but in a spontaneous let’s-eat-healthy attack, we decided on some fresh spring rolls, sushi and berries.

Central Park is more quiet and cozy up north, and I think we walked for about half a mile, before we found the perfect picnic lawn, which we had almost to ourselves.

We sat down in the sun and unpacked our healthy food. The sushi was quite bad, and the rice was sticky and had too much vinegar added,  but the other things were nice. Though to be honest, I did regret that we hadn’t got one of the Whole Foods sandwiches instead, because they’re always great. And maybe a Coke instead of that green, healthy juice.

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