NYC: In front of Carrie’s house

by Sanne
Carrie's House, Sex and the City, New York

While we were walking around Greenwich Village the other day, we passed by 66 Perry Street, which is where Carrie lives in SATC. I love SATC and standing in front of 66 Perry Street brought back lots of memories both from the series but also from that particular time in my own life. 

My friend Tina used to have the same haircut as Miranda had in the beginning of the show  (I still tease her about that), and AC has always had Charlotte’s style in clothes. Another friend of mine used to be a 100% Samantha copy, but if I told it to her face (or wrote out her name in my blog), she would probably kill me, and I don’t want to risk that.

So would that make me Carrie B? I guess everybody wanted to be Carrie at that time, but honestly speaking, I don’t see a lot of similarities between SATC’s cool, curly narrator and me. A friend once mentioned that the SATC character I reminded her most of was Mr. Big (?!?)

There’s no doubt that Poul is an Aidan (even though he wants to be Jimmy Fallon), so isn’t that a great ending to the story? Mr. Big and Aidan living together in Dubai happily ever after?

Anyway, I was rushed out of my Carrie moment by a group of European tourists insisting on commencing their own little photo shoot in front of the door. Fine, if you want to snap a quick selfie, but those girls were occupying the spot in front of the building for ages, ruining everybody else’s photo opportunities. They even stepped over the sign telling people that you’re not allowed to sit on the stairs and sat down, posing like Carrie. Sorry, you are not Carrie B (especially not you in that striped dress). You’re just a group of stupid tourists annoying the sh*t out of everybody else, who was there. Sorry, I needed to ventilate.

Later that day we were celebrating Jessica’s birthday at Tao, which you can read about here

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