NYC: Nonna’s – Amazing pizzas on Lower East Side

by Sanne
Nonna's LES, pizza, New York

Update: Nonna’s is permanently closed

Nothing beats a good New York pizza, and one of Poul’s explicit goals on the trip was to eat pizza, and most preferably many times a day. Our favorite pizza place was Nonna’s on Clinton Street, just around the corner from our hotel. It’s really easy to miss, because it looks like any other pizza oint from the outside, but please try not to, because Nonna’s is really among the best.

The sauce was amazing and the tomato flavor was so incredibly intense, that we had to ask the chef, how it was made. He proudly explained that it took a whole day to cook, and that the recipe had been in the family for generations.

I’ve eaten a lot of pizzas in New York, but the ones at Nonna’s are the best I’ve tried so far.

You can either order an entire pizza (a whole pie) or a slice. We went for slices, because that allowed us to try several different kinds. Everything was so tasty, but if I have to pick a winner, I think it will be the “Magic Square” with tomato sauce, mozzarella and fresh basil. There are also other Italian dishes on the menu at Nonna’s, but if you’ve first tried their pizzas, I don’t think you’ll even consider ordering anything else. The dining area is small and not the coziest around, but you can always have your pizza to go, which is what I think most people do.

Most pizza slices are 4-6$

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