NYC: Shake Shack in Brooklyn

by Sanne
Shake Shack in Brooklyn, New York

It started with a hot dog stand in Madison Square Park, which became so popular that it turned into a permanent restaurant. Today, there are Shake Shack restaurants at several locations in USA as well as in Mall of the Emirates in Dubai. I love burgers, so Shake Shack was of course on my to-do list, when Tina and I visited New York in December.

The burgers at Shake Shack are slightly smaller than your average American burger, but what they lacked in size, they certainly made up for in tastiness! I have otherwise found vegetarian burgers somewhat paradoxical, but when it comes to Shake Shacks’ ‘Shroom Burger with portobello mushrooms and melted cheese, it all makes sense, -even for carnivores like me.

The milkshakes are also outstanding, and I could easily spend a blog post or two ranting about their qualities, but I’ll save that for another time. Let me just point out that Shake Shack is definitely in the Champions League of milkshakes.

Tomorrow I’m back in Dubai, so I’ll see if I can convince Poul to join me for a Shake Shack burger in Mall of the Emirates. I don’t think he’ll be hard to persuade…

You can read my blog post about the original Shake Shack is in Madison Square Park here >>

There are also several Shake Shacks in Dubai. My favorite is the Shake Shack at The Beach JBR >>

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