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OMG Jeans – NYC Shopping

by Sanne
OMG Jeans New York

OMG is probably one of the most affordable jeans stores in New York, and when I first visited this store, I doubted that the store items were authentic. Why? Because the jeans were so cheap and the location so close to Canal Street, which is infamous for counterfeit goods. I later found out that it is in fact the real deal, which is great news for denim-lovers on a budget.

The brands may not be the hottest, and some of the styles appear a little outdated, but it’s still a good place to find affordable, everyday jeans.

Even though the storefront screams discount, the service is usually nice, and there are always a large number of shop assistants ready to help you find the right pair.

Levi’s and Calvin Klein predominate on the shelves, but sometimes, there are also batches from less well-known brands, and last time I was there, I bought two pairs of skinny jeans from Reve, an LA-brand, which I had never heard of. Those jeans are still among my wardrobe-favorites.

There are 8 branches of OMG in the city, but the store featured here, which is on the border between SoHo and Chinatown, is the nicest. The bigger OMG flagship store is located just a little further down Broadway between Canal Street and Walker Street.

• The American brands usually offer the biggest savings compared to shopping in Europe.

• The store also sells T-shirts, underwear and accessories.

My Guide to Bargain Hunting in New York City

OMG The Jeans Store, 424 Broadway (between Howard St. and Canal St.), New York, NY 10013, Tel: (212) 925-5190, Hours: Mon-Sat: 9:30-21:00, Sun: 10:00-20:00
> Visit OMG’s website 

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