Phuket: Marriott Nai Yang – Conquering the giant flamingo float

by Sanne

Giant flamingo float at Nai Yang Marriott, Phuket

The hotel’s pool was home to a giant, pink flamingo float, and what an adorable creature! I just couldn’t take my eyes off it, and when I saw it floating around the pool all alone, without the usual crowd of eager kids around, I decided to go and get it.

The 6-year old me was determined to ride the flamingo, but it turned out to be a lot harder, than what I had thought it would be. The first attempts ended with a big splash, and I’m sure I heard the flamingo laughing at me, as I got back to the surface, ears and nose full of water. When I finally I made it, I took a couple of minutes to enjoy the victory, before letting the big pink bird go again, drifting away towards new adventures.

PS: On Travel of a Beauty Addict’s Blog it looks like the flamingo has a little sister over at Marriott Hua Hin:)

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