Road trip: From Boston Airport to Cape Cod

by Sanne
Driving to Cape Cod

Poul and I decided to travel to USA one day earlier than planned. Instead of flying directly to New York, we flew to Boston instead and rented a car (a hot and sexy Mustang Convertible, will show you the car in another posts) to go on a mini road trip down the coastline to New York.

As we started driving, I was feeling nauseous, but I thought it was just a little car sickness combined with jetlag. Though it didn’t pass, and a few miles later I found myself vomiting in the paper bag with the donuts we picked up in the airport. The bag started leaking shortly after, so we had to make an emergency stop at a shopping plaza along the road. Not the nicest way to start a road trip, but after our little pit stop I was feeling much better, and I could finally start enjoying the ride.

We reached Cape Cod just before sunset, and based on advice from fellow bloggers ReverseCommuter and Fifi+Hop, we drove up to Provincetown, which is a small town at the northern tip of Cape Cod. Provincetown is a very gay friendly town, and it certainly seemed like the place to be for gay travelers. The atmosphere was warm and embracing with lots of people in the street, and rainbow flags everywhere. “Straight couple coming through!” somebody announced as we were walking down the street:)

Because of Labor Day weekend, it turned out to be quite a challenge to find a place to stay. We would have liked to stay in Provincetown, but all the guesthouses we passed were fully booked, so we found a motel for the night south of Wellfleet. There’s a storm coming in today, so we’re planning on getting out of here as soon as the sun rises. If the weather isn’t too bad, we’ll stop in Chatham for breakfast before driving to New York.

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