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Olive Tapenade



We plant a tree for every product you purchase.

Arrestingly Delicious Beldi Olive Tapenade with Garlic & Rosemary in a glass jar.  A little more than 3/4 cup or 13 servings (6.4 oz).

Refrigerate after opening.

Serving Suggestions (in addition to : wine & cheese pairings, grazing boards, roasted meats, rice or bean dishes

What is Olive tapenade? It’s a savory olive spread, and this tapenade is jam packed with gorgeous oil-cured Moroccan black olives, luscious extra virgin olive oil, mouthwatering garlic, brazen rosemary, a zesty dash of this & a spicy dash of that. We like to add a little goat cheese to enhance the flavors.

Vegan friendly

Spread-mmms Tapenade Ingredients:
Beldi Olives (Olives, salt), Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Lemon Juice, Garlic, Rosemary, spices.