Olive Tapenade

6.4 oz jar


Arrestingly Delicious Beldi Olive Tapenade with Garlic & Rosemary in a glass jar.  A little more than 3/4 cup or 13 servings (6.4 oz).

Refrigerate after opening.

Serving Suggestions: Wine & cheese pairings, grazing boards, roasted meats, rice or bean dishes
What is Olive tapenade? It’s a savory olive spread, and this tapenade is jam packed with gorgeous oil-cured Moroccan black olives, luscious extra virgin olive oil, mouthwatering garlic, brazen rosemary, a zesty dash of this & a spicy dash of that. We like to add a little goat cheese to enhance the flavors.

Vegan friendly

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Mitzie Mee – Sanne: I have met Rebecca on several occasions, and I love how passionate she is about food, and how she manages to turn this passion into something amazing. Her tapenade is hands down the best tapenade I have ever tried. It is rather intense, and it has a subtle kick from something spicy, which I really like.


Spread-mmms Tapenade Ingredients:
Beldi Olives (Olives, salt), Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Lemon Juice, Garlic, Rosemary, spices.


About Spread-mmms

Long time ago, Rebecca Monterro, founder of Spread-mmms, started working on her own tapenade recipe. The tapenade became an immediate success among her friends, who would be requesting that she made it for parties and gatherings. Over time, this turned into a business, Spread-mmms, which is a small-batch, artisanal olive tapenade & sassy savory spread brand based in New York City.