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Tie-Dye Mini Scarf

Chiang Mai


The tie-dye mini scarf is a fun, versatile accessory that can instantly elevate your style. The scarf can be used in various ways. It will keep your hair in place, if worn as a hairband or a bandana, but it is also stylish as a neck scarf or decoration for your handbag.

As a hairband: The tie-dye mini scarf can easily be transformed into a chic hairband. To achieve this look, fold the scarf several times until it reaches the desired width, then tie it around your head with the knot either on top or at the back of the neck. This versatile look works well with both loose hair and updos, adding a pop of color and a touch of bohemian flair to your outfit. The scarf is folded this way when you receive it.

Bandana-style: For a more relaxed and casual look, wear your tie-dye mini scarf as a bandana. Fold the scarf diagonally to form a triangle, then tie it around your head with the knot at the back of the neck. This style is perfect for warm summer days or outdoor music festivals, adding a touch of laid-back, boho charm to your ensemble.

Around the neck: For a chic European twist, fold the scarf diagonally into a triangle and roll it, then wrap it around your neck with the ends tucked in or tied in a loose knot.

The scarf is made in Northern Thailand by a family who sells their hand-dyed accessories at the market in Chiang Mai. Since each scarf is hand-dyed, the pattern of the scarf you get might differ a little from the scarf pictured here, but the color scale is the same.

Material: 100% cotton

Color: Pastel colors

21″ x 21″ (minor variations may occur)

Made in Thailand


Mitzie Mee - Sanne

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I have always been interested in makeup and skincare, and since I often visit Korea, I became aware of K-Beauty early on. South Korea has invested heavily in research and today, the country is at the very forefront, when it comes to skincare and beauty products.

Here at Mitzie Mee Shop, you will find a carefully selected range of Korean skincare products. I am an MD in Denmark, so I have a solid basis  for evaluating the different products and ingredients, and I only stock products that I have tried myself and that I really like.

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I am adopted from South Korea, and I often visit the country and my friends over there. Interested in South Korea? Read my blog about South Korea here >>

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