SM Town in Dubai – K-Pop Crazy

by Sanne
Henry, SM Town in Dubai

Last Friday, the K-Pop crème de la crème all came together in Dubai as part of the 6th SM Town world tour. Korean music is very popular down here, especially among the young generation, and it was fun to see how Dubai teenagers of all nationalities had found their way to the concert. Trine and I had media Fan Pit passes, so we were right in front of the stage along with the most dedicated K-Pop fans.

We had hoped for Korean street food trucks, but the Korean wave hadn’t hit the Autism Rocks Arena’s food section, which just hosted the usual suspects (Shake Shack, Costa Coffee and a couple of other stalls). We had blue gelato, which tasted like bubble gum, while eavesdropping on the conversation going on at the other side of the table. A group of girls had been waiting in front of the arena since 8 in the morning, to make sure to get in.

The SM Town artists include superstars such as BoA and Girls’ Generation, and the show was a line-up of all the most well-known songs. Every time a new artist entered the stage, the crowd exploded in a tinnitus-inducing high-pitched primal scream, and when it was time for Henry’s performance, I swear I thought my ears would fall off. This was crazy, and so much fun!

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