Dubai: Sonamu – Excellent Korean restaurant at Asiana Hotel in Deira

by Sanne
Sonamu - Dubai

Sonamu serves up all the Korean classics, but if you don’t know much about Korean food, I can recommend that you try the Korean BBQ, which are different kinds of grilled meats served with a selection of sauces.
The staff is very helpful, and they are happy to tell you more about the different dishes, as well as demonstrating how to operate the table grill, so don’t be afraid to ask if there is anything you wonder.

Sonamu is one of the finest Korean restaurants I’ve visited outside Korea. Forget all about naked light bulbs in the ceiling and tacky décor; Sonamu is a thoroughly stylish place. There are high ceilings and wooden floor, and you can either choose to sit at a traditional Korean table, with your feet in a pit below, or at an ordinary western-style table.

Although Sonamu looks expensive, the prices are very reasonable. A main course starts at 60AED and throughout the week, there are different set menus and buffet offerings. My favorite days to go are the all-you-can-eat BBQ Nights on Tuesdays and Saturdays. For 229 AED (179 AED without alcohol) you can indulge in unlimited Korean BBQ with unlimeted selected beverages.
On Thursday and Friday it’s strictly buffet night and the 3 Asian restaurants at Asiana Hotel (Sonamu, Hanabi and Yuraku) join forces and serve up a large Asian buffet. These ights, it’s not possible to order a la carte.

• The first time I visited Sonamu, I wore flip-flops and I felt really under-dressed. A pair of dressy pants or a dress and some nice heels would have been much more appropriate.

Sonamu, Asiana Hotel, Salahuddin Rd., Deira, Dubai

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