Soul Santé – A vegan cafe in Dubai Marina

by Sanne

Today I had lunch at Soul Santé, which is a vegan cafe that showed up on GoogleMaps, when I was searching for vegetarian food in Dubai Marina. The café is just a short walk from where I live, so all the time I was bitching about how Dubai is lacking pure vegetarian restaurants, there was a vegan restaurant just around the corner:)

I ordered jackfruit tacos, but thought it wouldn’t be enough, so I also ordered the Eggless Omelet, made with lentil flour instead of eggs. The jackfruit tacos were delicious, but I should have gone more easy on the lime, as the tartness enhanced the fruity taste of the jackfruit, and made it taste more like fruit than like pulled chicken/pork/beef that jackfruit otherwise imitates so well.

The Eggless omelet was also delicious, though it tasted more like Korean pancake than omelet. It was drizzled with vegan mayo and served with sliced avocado on the side, so it was a very filling dish.

I am a visual eater and the food at Soul Santé looked just as good as is tasted. I wish I had brought an even bigger appetite because there were so many things on the menu, that I would have liked to try.

After I got back, I had forgotten what the eggless omelet was called in the menu, so I went to visit Soul Santés website. When I was browsing the website, I saw that they have a meal plan with 3 meals + 1 dessert/day, 5 days a week for only 500 AED. That sounded great! I have sent them an email and booked my first week. Can wait to see what’s on the menu.

Soul Santé, Shop #6,Jannah Place, Nasaq Street, Dubai Marina, Dubai