Dubai: StudioRepublik – More than just a gym

by Sanne
StudioRepublik Dubai

Last Wednesday, I was invited to the opening event at StudioRepublik, which is a new gym in Dubai. As a matter of fact, calling in a gym would be quite an understatement, as the multi-storey monster of a gym also has a music recording studio, as well as several stages where budding actors and artists can show off their talents. You can also take dancing, singing and acting classes, which I think is really cool.

I had signed up for the morning yoga at 6:30 am for the opening event, but as the day moved closer I became more and more aware that there was no way I would ever get up that early for a yoga class, so I registered for Be Barre instead, which started at 9:30am. It was a really nice class and the instructor was very good at finding a level of difficulty and intensity that worked for everybody in the group.

Afterwards we had breakfast in the cafe, before we went on a tour to see the facilities. It is the biggest gym I’ve ever been to, so I stuck closely to the group, so I wouldn’t get lost.

When I was in New York, I used to work out at Equinox, and I went to a couple of their Barre classes, but I had forgotten how hard it was. Since Wednesday, all the muscles that I didn’t know I had, have been aching like hell and I’ve had to walk with tiny, tiny steps to ease the pain. I have signed up for hip hop on Saturday but let’s see if I can make it.

StudioRepublik, Eiffel Building 1, SZR, Dubai

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