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Sunglasses 2019 – 3 trends to fall in love with

Updated Aviators, Guess

Summer is just around the corner and maybe it is time to update your sunglasses wardrobe? My friend Angela has moved to Hong Kong, but she was back for Art Dubai, so I met with her for lunch and a talk about this year’s sunglasses trends. Angela is among my most fashion-savvy friends, so who would be better for modeling the sunglasses I have borrowed for this shoot? Here are some of the styles you can expect to see this summer:

Updated Aviators

The updated aviators add a twist to the Top Gun look and they’re not just for fashion-forward pilots. We were both a bit skeptical to the mirrored ones from Guess, but then Angela tried them on and we both went WOW! Doesn’t she look fab?  Guess, AED 485

Cat-eye Sunglasses, Roberto Cavalli


Yes, they are here to stay. The thin metal frame gives these sunglasses from Cavalli a really elegant touch and the orange, mirrored lenses (you can see me in the reflection:)) make me think of multi-colored cocktails and lazy days on the beach. Roberto Cavalli, AED1540

Round Sunglasses, Roberto Cavalli

Round Sunglasses

John Lennon really rocked those round lenses, but if you aren’t a rock star, how can you pull off a pair of round lenses without looking like Harry Potter? How to make the look more rock star than aspiring wizard? My suggestion is to go for oversized round lenses like these ones from Cavalli. Super cool and very much Dubai. Roberto Cavalli, AED1380

Cat-eye Sunglasses, Roberto Cavalli, 2019
Cat-eye Sunglasses, Roberto Cavalli

What do you think? Which one is your favorite style?

I didn’t feature any micro cat-eyes or other skinny frames. Yes, it’s fashion baby, but to me it just doesn’t make sense to wear sunglasses that don’t offer any protection from the sun.



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