Sydney: Crocodile pizza at the Australian Heritage Hotel

by Sanne
Crocodile pizza

After the Opera House, we walked over to The Rocks, which is a historical area to the northwest of the harbor. It used to be a rough area, infamous for gangs and street crime, but nowadays it a very nice and vibrant area.

Vivienne and Kent suggested that we went to the Australian Heritage Hotel to try their crocodile pizza, but when Poul spotted a kangaroo burger on the menu, he wanted to try that one instead. Personally I think kangaroos look way too cute to eat (hypocritical, I know), so I stuck to my crocodile pizza, which was surprisingly tasty. In case you wonder, it didn’t taste like chicken. In fact it didn’t taste like anything, I’ve eaten before, but the texture of the meat slightly resembled the texture of octopus. It was seasoned with coconut milk and green curry, which is also a quite unusual pizza topping, but I must admit that I don’t have any other suggestions regarding what would work better with crocodile meat.

After a while I also got curious about Poul’s kangaroo burger, so I had a bite at last. It was really juice and delicious. The meat was a bit like beef with a gamey note, so if you don’t care about eating a cute kangaroo, this is highly recommendable.

While we were at the restaurant, there was a lottery, where you could win different kinds of meat, so we decided to try our luck. We didn’t win anything, but it was fun to experience the Sunday atmosphere at the pub.

The Australian Heritage Hotel, 100 Cumberland St, The Rocks, Sydney

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