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The Butcher – A new burger restaurant in Dubai Marina

by Sanne

I was a guest at The Butcher and I did not pay for food and drinks

The Butcher is a new gourmet burger restaurant in Dubai Marina. The restaurant is a branch of a popular Dutch chain, which is known for making all their burgers with high grade Aberdeen Angus beef.  

We had The Daddy and The Butcher With Cheese, and they were both really good. The Butcher was a classic burger with lettuce and tomato, and big enough to count as dinner. The Daddy was even bigger and in addition to the traditional burger ingredients, it also had BBQ-sauce and beef bacon. If you want to be able to finish it, you’d better bring a big appetite.

The staff also thought we should try the Popcorn Chicken and the sweet potato fries. I usually order regular fries as a side for my burger, because I often find that sweet potato fries tend to be soggy, but at The Butcher, the fries were crispy and tasted delicious, dipped in the accompanying chipotle sauce. The Popcorn Chicken was decent, but not something I would order again. Not because it did not taste good, but because a burger with fries is more than enough to get me full.

I like a milkshake with my burger and The Butcher’s Peanut Butter Milkshake was really tasty. It was not too sweet and, as strange as it may sound, the peanut butter flavor went really well with the burger. The chocolate milkshake was a meal (or a very heavy dessert) on its own, so I was happy that it did not show up until after we had finished the burgers.

All in all, I think The Butcher is a nice addition to the Dubai Marina burger scene, and I would not hesitate to go back.

Do: Order The Butcher With Cheese and a Peanut Milkshake

Don’t: Let the hanging cow in the window scare you off

The Butcher, Marina Gate, Dubai Marina, Dubai

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