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The Kasap – Turkish breakfast in Dubai

by Sanne
The Kasap, Turkish breakfast in Dubai

I love Turkish breakfast, so even though it was 2pm when Marianne and I met at The Kasap, there was no doubt what I was having, when I saw the all-day breakfast option on the menu.

As a minimum, traditional Turkish breakfast consists of different kinds of cheese, tomatoes, cucumber, olives, honey and jam, and simit, a kind of Turkish bagel, or other kinds of bread.

At the restaurants in Turkey, a full breakfast spread takes up an entire table, and is often only served for two persons or more, which makes good sense, as there is no way that one person alone would be able to finish all that food.

At The Kasap, they had a smaller Turkish Breakfast option for one person, so I could have my Turkish breakfast while Marianne had the pide (Turkis flatbread) that she wanted. The food was really good with a very authentic taste. When one of the staff members came by, I mentioned it to him, and he said that the owner was Turkish as well as most of the staff, including the chef, who was from Konya in Turkey.

The Kasap is located at The Pointe, which is a stretch of restaurants at the tip of Palm Jumeirah. The Pointe opened back in 2018, but it was the first time for me to visit. It was really nice and cozy, and with a good selection of the kind of restaurants you would want to have lunch at. All the restaurants are right by the water and from The Kasap, we could see the new Atlantis 2, which is set to open this year. An impressive construction, but very different from the old Atlantis next door. Looking forward to see the final result.

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