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by Sanne
Tictail - New York

Update: The Tictail store is now closed

Early 2016, the Swedish e-commerce start-up Tictail launched the first permanent store on Lower East Side, New York. The online version of Tictail is a bit like Etsy shop, attracting a swarm of indie brands and emerging designers, who use the Tictail platform to create online stores and connect with customers. The IRL corner store on Orchard Street is a curated selection of items from Tictail’s online market space.

You’ll find a mix of art pieces, home décor items and clothes in the store, which actually doesn’t feel like a store, but more like some super-hip person’s living room. Everything has been carefully picked, and there’s an interesting story behind each design, which the staff are happy to share with you. Of course “handmade,” “unique” and “limited editions” come with a price, but considering all the work, which has been put into the items, the prices seem fair.

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