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‘Tis the season – Holiday dog bandanas

by Sanne
Holiday season dog bandanas

Advertisement for my company Fair Fashionista

2020 has been a turbulent year, and at times, it has felt as if the year would never come to an end. Then you blink, and all of the sudden, the holiday season is just around the corner. My mom loves crocheting, and she has made these cute crocheted holiday dog bandanas. The other day, it was time for a photo shoot, but photographing two energetic dogs is not an easy task.

Bella and Bølle were busy eating their morning carrot (supermodels are always late) and before we could start taking photos, Bella wanted to chew on the spruce cones and play around in the fake snow. As we finally got both dogs to sit, another challenge was to make them look in the same direction, but with a lot of patience (and dog treats) we managed to get some nice photos at last.

The crocheted dog bandanas are made from 100% organic cotton yarn. You slide the bandana over your dog’s collar, and you can decide whether you want the bandana to hang in the front or on the back of the dog’s neck (Bølle prefers to wear it that way, because he thinks it makes him look cool). The bandanas come in different sizes and designs, and you can see the full range at Fair Fashionista Shop.

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