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Tokyo: Sushi Zanmai – Roppongi

by Sanne
Sushi Zanmai in Roppongi, Tokyo

The best thing about arriving late in Tokyo is that you get a maximum dose of neon lights, beep sounds and swarms of people right from the start. We got off the train at Shibuya station, and from the walkway we could enjoy a full view of the chaotic Shibuya crossing.

From Shibuya, we took a taxi to our hotel in Roppongi. The taxi driver did not know exactly where our hotel was, so Google Maps and our newly rented wi-fi router came in handy. At the hotel, we quickly changed clothes and then hurried out on that night’s mission: Sushi.

We were lucky to find a Sushi Zanmai close to our hotel, yay! We ordered a selection of different nigiri, which, among other things, included a piece with sea urchin. I convinced Poul to taste it, and he chewed, swallowed and then looked really disgusted afterwards. Sea urchin has a pretty strange texture, an acquired taste which some find hard to acquire, so I offered him all the salmon bits to make up for the sea urchin experience. Sushi Zanmai is open 24 hours a day and in addition to delicious, affordable sushi, the ambience is great too. The staff really seemed to have a good time that evening and we were greeted loudly as we entered the restaurant and when we left. On a full stomach we were then ready for the rest of the evening, which among other stuff included karaoke and a visit to good old Motown in Roppongi, which I will write more about later.

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