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Vietnam: The Sweet – The best pho I had in Ho Chi Minh City

by Sanne
The Sweet Restaurant, Pho, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

In Vietnam, I had pho at least once a day, and because our trip brought us all the way from Hanoi up north to Ho Chi Minh City down south, via Pleiku and Hoi An, I had an excellent opportunity to sample a lot of regional variants of the popular Vietnamese soup. 

The best pho I had in Vietnam wasn’t at a fancy hotel restaurant. It wasn’t at a tiny, but cozy, street kitchen either. Instead, I found the perfect bowl at an unassuming restaurant in a residential area in Ho Chi Minh City.

It was one of Poul’s colleagues who had recommended us to try this place, and I must say that I had my thoughts about going. Airline pilots aren’t always the most reliable source, when it comes to restaurants recommendations, because they’ll often be too tired after a long flight, to care about exploring the places they’re flying to, and they’ll just go for whatever is within walking distance to the hotel, where they’re staying.

Now this restaurant was just around the corner from the crew hotel. Hmmm!

And the name of the restaurant was The Sweet. Double Hmmm!

Oh, and let’s not forget the karaoke bar one stair up. Triple Hmmm!

But this time the captain was right, and the pho I had at The Sweet was the best I’ve ever had.

The broth was rich and aromatic, and there were plenty of condiments and fresh herbs to fine-tune the flavor. I had the deluxe version with premium beef cuts, and the meat was so tasty I’m sure it would have made a wonderful steak, if it hadn’t been sliced raw to simmer in the hot pho soup in front of me.

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I tried to find The Sweet online and I managed to track down their Facebook Page

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