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Yogurt and fresh fruit

Fresh fruit for breakfast, Dubai Blog

When it comes to breakfast, I am a creature of habit, and if you follow me on Instagram, you know that I eat a lot of fruit & yogurt bowls these days. When I wake up, I usually want something to eat immediately, and slicing pineapple at 6am will never become part of my morning routine. Instead, I have started cutting fruit for my breakfast bowls twice a week, because except for bananas, most fruit and berries can easily survive 3-4 days in the fridge.

My favorites right now are papaya, pomelo, dragon fruit and kiwi berries, but I try to vary the bowls so I don’t get tired of any of the fruit. It only takes 20 minutes to cut the fruit, which I then place in small portion-sized bowls, so they are ready to grab and eat.

Add yogurt, granola and maybe some acai or buckthorn powder, and s little honey if you have a sweet tooth, and you have a delicious breakfast bowl in less than two minutes.

The hot summer months have finally come to an end in Dubai, so I usually sit outside and eat my breakfast bowl on our new deck. It is wonderful out there at the time of day, when the only thing you hear is the parrots squawking from the palm trees. I treasure these quiet mornings, and I take my time. I like to finish with a cup of tea or, more often, coffee. I am trying to cut down on coffee and drink more tea instead, but I find it hard to skip the morning latte. Good morning from Dubai 🙂

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