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Zurich: Sprüngli Champagne Truffles – My new addiction

by Sanne
Sprüngli truffles, Zürich

Edible souvenirs are the best, so before I left Zurich, I made sure to stock up on delicious Swiss chocolate. My new favorite are the champagne truffles from Sprüngli, made fresh every day with real champagne. It was love at first bite! The flavor is a bit like the Champagne Nama chocolate from Japanese Royce, but it’s more intense, and with a striking smoothness I believe derives from the fresh Swiss cream, which is one of the main ingredients. I think it’s the best chocolate, I’ve ever had, and I regret I didn’t buy more.

I bought my truffles from the original Sprüngli store on Paradeplatz, down the posh old shopping street Bahnhofstrasse, which runs through the Western part of Altstadt. The store dates back to 1859, and in addition to fine chocolates, Sprüngli is probably mostly known as the creator of Luxemburgerli macarons, which remains one of the bestselling products.

What started as a single, family run confectionery store is now a countrywide chain of shops and cafes. There’s even a Sprüngli store in Dubai, but it’s in Jumeirah 1, which is so far from our place that it might as well have been in Switzerland. Maybe time to plane another trip to Switzerland?

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