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Merry Christmas from Dubai

by Sanne
Danish Christmas in Dubai

Christmas 2019 has come to an end and hopefully we all get a chance to sit down, relax and put our feet up before New Year’s Eve kicks in. This year, I celebrated Christmas in Dubai with Poul, and we cooked a traditional Danish Christmas meal consisting of roast duck, Waldorf salad and caramelized potatoes. For dessert we had risalamande, which is a kind of rice pudding with whipped cream and almonds.


Merry Christmas from Alabama

by Sanne
Christmas in Alabama

In Scandinavia we celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve the 24th, so we are almost done with Christmas 2019, but in the US they are just getting started. My friend Mende is finishing her MBA in London these days, but she has flown back to the States to spend the holidays with her family in Alabama, so I asked her, if she could tell us a little about her southern Christmas:

Dumplings with truffle and Edamame, Nara restaurant in JLT
I was invited to Nara and I did not pay for food and drinks.

Last Friday, I was invited to a menu tasting at Nara Pan Asian in JLT. We arrived in the quiet hour between afternoon brunch and evening brunch, so there were only a couple of other diners in the restaurant in the beginning. Though as the evening progressed, Nara was slowly invaded by happy Dubai brunchers in party-mode. 

Breakfast at Bistro des Arts Dubai Marina

Today, it’s my birthday so we went to have breakfast at Bistro des Arts, which is my favorite place for breakfast in Dubai Marina. I love everything on their breakfast menu, from the foamy milk coffee to the delicious granola, which I am sure must be homemade. French radio is playing in the background, and the staff, and several of the regulars speak French, so it is easy to forget that you are in Dubai, and not at a cozy cafe in Paris.  They have several nice breakfast set menus to choose among, but I wish they would start selling the bread basket with jam and butter as a separate item, and not only as a part of a set menu (Le Riviera).

Bonito flakes and shishito peppers at Norikoh, Flatiron, New York City

I was invited to the Grand Opening Party at Norikoh in Flatiron District, but I am in Denmark, getting my annual dose of Danish Christmas, so I couldn’t make it. I therefore sent my friend Sue and asked her to share her thoughts about the event. Sue loves good food just as much as I do, and we usually have the same taste in restaurants. Here are her comments:

Homestay in Phnom Peng
The bedroom

If you want an authentic, very local experience in Phnom Penh, you should try a homestay with Kanary (the founder and manager of CWSG) and her sweet family. I think Kanary’s homestay is in fact one of the only real homestays in Phnom Penh, because if you look online, most of the advertised homestays are more like guesthouses with many guest rooms and external staff to take care of the guests.

The Blue Majik Bowl at Wild & The Moon, Dubai

Last Saturday, I met with Pia(@expiatriatewife) for brunch at Wild & The Moon, which is one of the few 100% plant-based restaurants in Dubai. I am very interested in vegetarian food these days, and I am seriously considering going meatless at some point in the future. I think it is exciting to see how much has happened within the field of plant-based cooking, and how the boundaries for what is possible to do without meat are being pushed all the time. 

Apro for Professionals, dairy-free milk that foams

I am lactose intolerant, so I should be avoiding all dairy products, but do you know how hard that is, when the highlight of your morning is the 10 o’ clock latte and you btw. live in Dubai where it is ice cream season all year round?  The bloating and cramps that would inevitably follow were just necessary evils that I had learned to live with, because being without dairy was unthinkable to me.