About Mitzie Mee

Food, travel, and everything New York City

About Mitzie Mee

Welcome to Mitzie Mee, my blog about food, travel, and everything New York City. I love good food, and a big section on my site is dedicated to sharing some of my favorite recipes that I’ve picked up straight from the source, in kitchens around the world. The recipes on my site have often been passed down through generations (grandma food is the best!), and there are videos to help you recreate everything in your own kitchen.

The Shop

I created Mitzie Mee Shop for people like me, who are passionate about good food. The shop features a carefully curated selection of gourmet snacks, tea, and pantry essentials.  I source most of my products from small makers, who share my values, and who put their heart and soul into creating something amazing.

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Who’s writing?

Hi there! I’m Sanne, adventurous eater, JAY-Z fan, and Bølle dog’s bestie. When I wasn’t studying, I spent most of my 20s working in the travel industry, traveling the world. I started out as a tourist rep in Greece and in Spain, followed by one season at a ski resort in Norway. Then I worked 8 years as a cabin crew along with my studies, before I went on to get my commercial pilot license. I was lucky and got a job as an airline pilot straight out of pilot school, and I worked 3 years as an airline pilot based in Denmark and Sweden, before going back to finish med school.

Sanne Moeller

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