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Bonito flakes and shishito peppers at Norikoh, Flatiron, New York City

I was invited to the Grand Opening Party at Norikoh in Flatiron District, but I am in Denmark, getting my annual dose of Danish Christmas, so I couldn’t make it. I therefore sent my friend Sue and asked her to share her thoughts about the event. Sue loves good food just as much as I do, and we usually have the same taste in restaurants. Here are her comments:

The Wagner at the Battery, New York City

I was looking for a nice place to stay somewhere equally far from Midtown and Brooklyn, and the Wagner popped up. In the not too distant past, the Wagner used to be The Ritz-Carlton Battery Park, and The Ritz-Carlton is one of my favorite hotel chains, so I did not hesitate to give the Wagner a try.  Furthermore, the Wagner is much cheaper than the one remaining Ritz-Carlton in the city, with roomrates starting at around $150-$200 if you book well in advance.

Cha Cha Matcha in New York City

October and November used to mean lots of Pumpkin Spice Latte for me, but this year, I have only had a few cups. I think my taste buds might have grown up, because these days, I find the usual Starbucks PSL much too sweet for my liking. Instead, I have started drinking matcha latte, and I am drinking gallons of that gorgeous green stuff. 

Jeju Noodle Bar, New York

My Korean American friends in NYC are all big foodies and they are the best when it comes to keeping track of new Korean restaurants in the city and what is trending right now. When Jeju Noodle Bar popped up on the radar, it was immediately put on the list of Places to Try, and one night in March, we went to check it out.


NYC: 3 Bridges to Walk

by Sanne
Brooklyn Bridge New York

When jetlag still rules, and l wake up at 5 in the morning, one of my favorite pastimes is to go for a walk across one of the bridges between Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn. The Manhattan skyline looks most beautiful early in the morning, and even Brooklyn Bridge is almost empty from people, if you go right after sunrise. Here are the 3 bridges that I love to walk. 


I’m usually quite good at taking the subway in Manhattan, but for some reason it often goes haywire, when I am going to Brooklyn. The other day, I was meeting with Leah and Stephanie at Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, which is close to Union station, so I could have taken the N or the R train directly from Manhattan. Instead I managed to get on the J train and ended up on Hewes Street instead. From Hewes Street you can get some really great photos with Williamsburg Bridge in the background, but that wasn’t the goal of my trip, so after a couple of quick iPhone shots, I hurried down to get an Uber.


Barney Greengrass! This is the place where I had my very first Lox & Cream Cheese Bagel many years ago. I try to go back, whenever I am in this part of the city, so I was surprised, when I realized that I hadn’t introduced Poul to this place at an earlier point. Though it’s probably because we have been staying in Lower East Side most of the times, we have been in NYC together, and Barney Greengrass is quite far from there, in Upper West Side.