I think I’ve previously told you how many nice friends I have met through Instagram, but before Instagram (yes, that’s a long time ago), I’ve also been blessed with a bunch of new friends through my blog (yes, old people like me still blog), and Julie, who writes the blog Jewelswandering.com, is one of them. We have known each other for years online, but we have never met in real life. Even though we both travel a lot, and even though many of our trips have been to the same places, we have always managed to miss each other, sometimes with as little as a day or two.

Life Time Athletic at Florham Park, New Jersey

Tina is a member at Life Time, which is a chain of big high-end gyms in the US, and one morning, she dragged me along for some hot yoga. It was the first time that I tried hot yoga, and I can warmly (pun intended) recommend it. Hot yoga is yoga in a hot room, and you are sweating like crazy so remember to bring a big water bottle, so you don’t get dehydrated.

Lamia's Fish Market in East Village, New York City

Last week I went for dinner with my friend Alex at Lamia’s Fish Market in East Village. It is NYC Restaurant Week right now, so you get a 3-course dinner for $42 at the participating restaurants. Some deals are better than others, so you need to check the menu offer carefully before you make a reservation, to make sure there is something that you like.