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Umeboshi, Japanese pickled plum

The Japanese ume-fruit is a kind of plum or apricot that is pickled with sea salt and eaten as a sour, salty snack, umeboshi. The first time I tried umeboshi was when I studied in Sweden and shared a dorm kitchen with a Japanese exchange student, Mari from Sapporo. One evening, she pulled out a little bag and offered me to try this very special snack, that she had brought with her from Japan.

Spandauer, Danish pastry

The Danish pastry in Denmark actually originates from Austria and was brought to Denmark by Austrian bakers mid-1800, which explains the Danish word for Danish pastry, Wienerbrød, which translates to “Vienesse bread” or “bread from Vienna”. The pastry has a flaky, layered texture, and there are many different types, with different kinds of fillings. The most common fillings are jam and custard cream, but some kinds of wienerbrød are just sprinkled with sugar and nuts and do not have anything inside.

Sesame Noodle Bar in Phnom Penh

Sesame Noodle Bar is a cute little noodle restaurant close to Russian Market in Phnom Penh. The restaurant was started by an American/Japanese couple, and the menu, which is not afraid of fusions, has a limited, but appetizing selection of dishes and snacks. I was there 20 minutes before they opened for lunch, but they told me to come inside and have a seat, while they were getting ready, which I think was very nice of them.

Fairmont The Palm, Dubai

When Dubai started opening up after the lockdown, we started looking for staycations and ended up booking a night at Fairmont at The Palm. It was nice l to get away from the monotone mass that has been everyday life for the last couple of months, and our timing was just right as the hotel beach clubs were allowed to open again that weekend.