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McGettigan's in JLT, Dubai

Last week, I was invited to come by McGettigan’s in JLT to try some of the items on their new menu. McGettigan’s is an international chain of Irish pubs, and they have several branches in Dubai. They are mostly known for cheap beer and a friendly, laid-back atmosphere, refreshingly different from the typical glitter-and-glam that dominates the nightlife scene in Dubai.

Umeboshi, Japanese pickled plum

The Japanese ume-fruit is a kind of plum or apricot that is pickled with sea salt and eaten as a sour, salty snack, umeboshi. The first time I tried umeboshi was when I studied in Sweden and shared a dorm kitchen with a Japanese exchange student, Mari from Sapporo. One evening, she pulled out a little bag and offered me to try this very special snack, that she had brought with her from Japan.