Tea Towel – Hot Hot Chilis



Striped tea towel with hand block printed chilis. The tea towels from Domlei are handmade from upcycled fabric, so each towel is unique, and minor variations in fabric, size and color may occur. Dye outside of the pattern and small irregularities in the print are also expected, and hard to avoid when printing by hand, but this only adds to the handmade feel, and makes the tea towels stand out from factory made towels.

Color: Multi color stripes with chili print

Material: 100% upcycled cotton.

20″ x 26″ after washing (minor variations in size may occur)

Made in Cambodia

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What is upcycled fabric?

Sometimes the garment factories order too much fabric, or a design gets cancelled resulting in piles of leftover fabric. Traditionally, this leftover fabric ended up in landfills, but nowadays, you can find it at the local markets around Phnom Penh. By using this material to make new items such as the tea towels, we prevent beautiful material from going to waste while at the same time contributing to a more sustainable garment production.

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