Freja – Mini Hand Towel



Mini hand towel in handwoven cotton. Fold it and roll it oshibori-style and offer it as a hot towel to your dinner guests before the meal. Prepare the hot towels by pouring hot water over the folded towels a few minutes before use. The towels should be wet but not dripping and warm, but not burning hot. You can also use the mini towels as a wash cloth, or soak it in herbal tea, wring it, and use it as a refreshing facial compress.

NOTE: The price is for one (1) mini hand towel. Wooden tray is not included

Material: 100% handwoven cotton.

11.8″ x 11″ (minor variations in size may occur)

Made in Cambodia

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Who made the mini hand towel?

The handwoven tea towels are made made with love by the artisans at Weavers in Cambodia. Weavers innovative model ensures that most of the sales revenue goes to the people in the villages in rural Cambodia. Here, the revenue is invested back into scaling the impact through education scholarships, a health fund and more social business activities.

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