NYC: American Apparel Factory Outlet (CLOSED)

by Sanne
American Apparel Factory Outlet - New York

Update: American Apparel’s Factory Outlet in SoHo is now closed

I adore American Apparel and their casual, ethically made LA-chic garments. I fell in love with the brand in my early 20s, and some might say, that now, in my 30s, I’m a bit too old to still pull off that style. Though, in addition to the very young and hip looks, they also have some really nice basics, which suits people beyond their teenage years.

The factory outlet on Lafayette Street in Nolita has a great mix of new and old stuff. Some of the items are almost full price, while other items are marked down dramatically. In addition to clothes, there is also usually a good selection of accessories in the store.

Don’t go there for a specific style, but come with an open mind and see what’s in store at that specific day. Some days, all the good stuff is gone or not available in your size, and other days, you’ll leave the store with more than you can carry.

Since it’s a factory outlet, all sales are final, so make sure you check the garments properly, before buying, and be aware that most of the garments have some sort of imperfection (this is why they’re marked down).

Even if you don’t find something you like, Nolita and nearby SoHo are both great neighborhoods for shopping, with lots of nice stores and restaurants, so you can easily spend a day (and a lot of money) in the area.

• If you’re planning on visiting the store, it’s a good idea to check out their Facebook page in advance for upcoming offers.

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