Bare Minerals: Joyous Jennifer

by Sanne
Bare Minerals, Joyous Jennifer

I really like the make up from BareMinerals, and I’m particularly in love with the blushers and foundations. BareMinerals is quite pricey in Dubai, so I usually stock up on products, when I’m in the US, where it’s almost half the price compared to Dubai. I’m a VIB at Sephora in the States, and I’m very happy about it, as it comes with a lot of perks. To keep my membership status, I need to spend at least $350 a year on products, so I try to do all my beauty shopping at Sephora, whenever I’m in New York.

My favorite blush shades are Joyous Jennifer and Laughter. I use Laughter during winter and Joyous Jennifer in the summer, when I’m more tanned, and with summer just around the corner, I went to Sephora last week to buy my little jar of Joyous Jennifer.

Unfortunately, that shade wasn’t available, so instead, the Sephora girl talked me into buying a shade called “Hint” which looked fabulous on the back of her hand, but which turned out rather awful, when I later applied it to my cheeks back at the hotel.

The other day, I therefore walked down to the BareMinerals Shade Shop on Prince Street in SoHo and finally I got, what I was looking for. The shade looks

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